Sequoia National Park - Alta Peak - MileStepper Trip Plan

Sequoia National Park - Alta Peak

Tue Aug 13th (8:00am)
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Sun Aug 18th (6:00pm)
Sequoia National Park
36.59749, -118.73576
177 mi away from you
30 mi
Sequoia National Park - Alta Peak

Over 3 days and 2 nights, we will backpack about 30 miles among the giant sequoia trees and the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains. We'll summit Alta Peak - at 11,204 feet - where we will look across Great Western Divide, marvel at nature's beauty, and puke our guts out from altitude sickness.

Tuesday, 8/13: Fly to Fresno, CA. Collect supplies, then drive 2 hours SNP. Camp under redwoods at Dorst Campground.

Wednesday, 8/14: Pick up wilderness permits, then shuttle to Alta trailhead. Hike 6 miles to Alta Meadow and drop packs. Climb 3 more miles to Alta Peak. Then camp at Alta Meadow. (12 miles total).

Thursday, 8/15: Hike 9 miles to High Sierra Trail and camp at Panther Creek.
Friday, 8/16: Hike 10 miles through the "Trail of the Sequoias" to see the ancient forest of giant sequoias. Room reserved at Wuksachi Lodge.

Saturday, 8/17: Explore park for a while, then drive 2 hours to Fresno. Stay overnight in Fresno.

Sunday, 8/18: Fly home to ATL.

This trip has it all - rugged mountains, amazing views, meadows, and then we end at the largest tree in the world - General Sherman.

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    The Route - Alta Peak
    Check out this map I created on AllTrails.
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    Flights: Greg, Bill, Brian, Sandi

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    Flights: Randall

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    Airbnb on Saturday, 8/17
    1436 North Poplar Avenue, Fresno, CA 93728, United States
    3 bedrooms / 1 bath
    10 mins from airport
    Browse and book, or list your space. It's easy!
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    Rental Car: 8/13 - 8/18
    Full Size SUV from Enterprise.
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    Meal Planning
    Here's a meal breakdown to help your packing. We can have a couple of meals at the Lodge. Here's what you'll need in your backpack:
    3 camp/trail breakfasts
    3 trail lunches
    2 trail dinners

    I'll take care of Tuesday's dinner for all of us - grilled sausages, peppers and onions.

    Bearcans are required. Greg has one and so do I, and I believe that should be enough space for everyone. We can pack stuff into them in Fresno.

    Add comments if you have any questions, etc.
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    Here's the current forecast for our trip. Looks like pretty awesome, sunny weather. In the 40s at night, and about 80 during the day. Bring sunglasses.

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