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Synchronous Fireflies - Great Smoky Mountains (June)

Thu Jun 6th (3:00pm)
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Sat Jun 8th (12:00pm)
35.65969, -83.58370
757 mi away from you
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Car camping for two nights to view the synchronous fireflies. The light show begins each night around 9pm, which leaves the day for hiking, eating, relaxing, etc.

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    About Synchronous Fireflies
    New article from 6/4.
    A select group of people from all over the world get to watch as synchronous fireflies take over the Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains.
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    About Elkmont Campground
    This is a large campground with 200 sites, paved driveways, gravel tent pads, fire rings, and picnic tables. Our section is tent camping, and RVs are in another section.

    Facilities include flushing toilets, potable water, and utility sinks. There is a camp store that sells snacks, camp basics and firewood.

    We will be inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hiking is nearby and plentiful. The fireflies will be on the Little River Trail. A popular nearby hiking trail is Laurel Falls.

    Directions: Set GPS to "Elkmont Campground Rd A, Gatlinburg, TN 37738"

    Our Site: B032, Confirmation #0167934934-1
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    Thursday Dinner: Brian - meat + vegetable skewers
    Friday Breakfast: Kelly - Burritos (Nour prefers no pork)
    Friday Dinner: Marwan & Nour - Crepes with meat, cheese, pine nuts, or nutella and bananas
    Saturday Breakfast: Greg - egg/cheese bagels and more burritos

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    Shared Items:
    Camp stove + fuel
    Pot and frying pan
    Reusable plates/bowls
    Cutting board + kitchen knife
    Aluminum foil
    Salt + pepper

    anyone want a hangout hammock? got extra
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    For Marwan & Nour
    Here's what I'm bringing for you:
    Sleeping bag (1)
    Sleeping pad (2)
    Two-person tent
    Headlamp (1)
    Chairs (2)

    Here's what you and Nour EACH need to bring (sorry if this is too thorough):
    Hiking shoes
    Wool socks (2 - 3 pair)
    Underwear ( 2 - 3 pair)
    Wicking tee shirts (2 - 3)
    Hiking pants/shorts
    Rain jacket
    Light jackets

    Toilet paper
    Toothpaste and brush


    Lunch for you and Nour on Friday
    Snacks for everyone for the whole trip (since I'm bringing your camping gear)
    Dinner for everyone on Friday
    Thermal mug (for coffee)
    Water bottle
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    Friday lunchtime hike and picnic - Huskey Branch Falls.
    An easy, 5.4 mile loop trail to Husky Branch Falls. We follow a large gravel path for 2.4 miles, and then turn to a footpath trail along Burnt Mountain for the return. Trail ends at a bunch of abandoned cabins that were privately owned before the creation of the National Park.
    Check out this map I created on AllTrails.
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    6/4 Update
    Directions: Google Elkmont Campground Store. Expect to lose all cell service about 3 miles from camp.
    Campsite: B032
    Weather: Not good. Bring rain gear, extra socks.
    Travel Plan:
    - Brian, Greg & Kelly meeting at Greg or Kelly's house at 9:30am. Arrive to Elkmont around 2:00pm
    - Marwan & Nour = Arrive to Elkmont around 4pm or 5pm.
    Sleeping Plan: Marwan & Nour = 2-person tent; Brian & Greg = hammocks; Kelly = tent or car
    Departure: Brian, Greg & Kelly depart by 9am on Saturday.

    Other Notes:
    - Food has to go back in the car at night due to bears.
    - Bring chairs and waterproof stuff for bug watching.

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