2016 New Year's Sailing - MileStepper Trip Plan

2016 New Year's Sailing

Wed Dec 30th (11:00pm)
----- to -----
Sun Jan 3rd (6:00pm)
Saint Petersburg, FL
27.77370, -82.62780
2366 mi away from you
2 mi

3 night / 4 day sail departing from the Saint Petersburg Yatch Club Snell Isle Harbor on the afternoon of Dec. 31, 2015. We will sail out of Tampa Bay into the Gulf of Mexico and head either North or South depending on favorable weather conditions. Ideally we would like to head South with a possible destination of Venice, FL. This voyage will include overnight stops at marines and on anchor with the possibility of some night sailing if favorable winds.

Returning to the Saint Petersburg Yatch Club Snell Isle Harbor on the afternoon of Jan. 3, 2016.

A GREAT way to Start Off 2016.

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    Dec. 30, 2015

    Leave Atlanta at 2300 by vehicle and drive to St. Pete. (480 miles / 6 to 7 hours)

    Dec. 31

    Arrive St. Pete. Yatch Club, Snell Isle Harbor (SPYC, SI) at approx. 0530. Board the SSV Bonne Femme and get some sleep. Awake at 1000 to get breakfast and meet up with Bruce Rodgers. During breakfast go over weather forecast and put together a sailing plan. After breakfast get food and supplies to provision the boat. Once back at the Bonne Femme, make way with supplies, pre-sail boat check, go over safety equipment and rules of the vessel.  If all goes well we should be underway around 1400. 

    Jan. 1, 2016

    Welcome in the first day of 2016 that will hopefully provide a day filled with lots of sun and warm tropical breezes that allows for some great sailing.

    Jan. 2,

    Hopefully another day filled with lots of sun and favorable winds that allows for some great sailing.

    Jan, 3.

    After 3 great days out sailing return to SPYC, SI Harbor at approx. 1400

    Jan, 4.

    Travel back to Atlanta.

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    Personal Gear & Ship's Equipment

    2016 New Year Cruise - Equipment & Gear

    1) PERSONAL - What to bring

          A) Clothing

               Sun protection/ cover-ups (long sleeve, long pant leg, socks)
               Something for warmth - jacket or fleece
               Boat shoes (close toed, fastened to foot, non-skid soles) must be worn  on the boat at all times while on deck. NO flip flops, clogs or sandals on deck.

               Tee shirts
               Rain / Foul weather gear - tops and bottoms
               Quick dry towel

         B) Equipment / Gear

              Bedding – Sheets, sleeping bags or liners. Sleeping pad optional if you desire to sleep on the deck.
              Medications for sea sickness
             Toilet kit (toothpaste, tooth brush, soap or body wash, shampoo, deodorant, other medications)
              High SPF Sunscreen and lip balm - Lots!
              Sunglasses with safety strap; spare pair.
              Hat or two or three - in case you lose one overboard!

              Shoes that can get wet/protect feet while on the beach or snorkeling - boat shoes or dive booties
              PFD with whistle attached (Bill will supply this for Greg)
              Head Lamp or Small flashlight
              Waterproof watch, with alarm
              Personal water bottle
              Sailing gloves (Bill has extra set for Greg)
              Camera, batteries
              Personal money 

              Personal log book for the trip

    2) SHIP’S EQUIPMENT & GEAR - What is provided on board

              Cooking & Eating supplies

               LP Gas Grill

               Fresh Water

               First Aid Kit

               All USCG Required Safety Equipment

               Navigation charts - Electronic & Physical

               Navigation Tools

               Foul Weather Personal Safety Harness

              Tool Kit


    3) NOTES

             Minimize what you bring – very little space on the boat
                Luggage that will fold away – duffel bags or pillow cases; no hard luggage
                D/C  Electricity - only a couple hours per day while the engine is running.

               A/C  Electricity - there is an on board generator that will operate during evening and night hours

               (Air conditioning for the cabin)  Or when berthed at marina.

               Hot water for showers available on board - only for a couple of hours per day

               (short showers only - get wet, turn off water, lather up, rinse)

               There is a limited supply of fresh water on board and can only be replenished when at dock.

               Hot showers available when berthed at marina.
               Personal Electronics / Cell Phones – OK but keep in mind this is a sail boat operating in salt water environment, electronics and salt water usually don’t mix. (We all bring them)
             Personal music devices - OK

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2016 New Year's Sailing
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2016 New Year's Sailing
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