2015/2016 Season Opener! - MileStepper Trip Plan

2015/2016 Season Opener!

Fri Dec 11th (6:00pm)
----- to -----
Tue Dec 15th (11:00pm)
Frisco, CO
39.50140, -106.15200
1525 mi away from you
10 mi

Join me on a trip to Copper Mountain to blow open the doors to the 2015/2016 skiing season and burn through some buddy passes.

I’ll be leaving Friday after work. We’ve booked a townhouse with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 3 queen beds, 4 bunk beds, and a sleeper sofa.

Planning to ski at least 3 days (Sat, Sun, Mon) with the option of Tuesday morning before we leave. Do what you want, ski somewhere else for all I care!

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    ATL to DEN Fri Dec 11th 2015   
    Southwest #10266:25pm7:55pmBrian Bill Greg Luc
    Delta #22665:40pm7:00pmEddy
    Delta #20162:55pm4:15pmAaron
    DEN to ATL Tue Dec 15th 2015   
    Southwest #5016:50pm11:35pmBrian Bill Eddy Greg Luc
    Delta #20165:15pm10:10pmAaron
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    ATL Airport Parking

    For airport parking there’s a great way to rent parking spots from the airport area hotels. Ends up being only a few bucks a day, free shuttles

    Airport Parking Reservations.com: NUMBER 1 For Cheap Airport Parking. LOW RATES On Short Stay & Long Term Parking. COMPARE & SAVE Today!
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    Rental Car Assignments
     DriverTypeWho's in it?
    Car #1BillFull size SUVBill
    Car #2GregWild Card! Exciting!Greg
    Car #3Aaron?Wild Card! What will it be?!Aaron
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    Rental Car #1

    Your reservation number is: US340124380

    Booking summary

    Pick-up Start date Dec 11 2015 20:00 pm

    Location Denver - Airport Pick-up type Airport Terminal Pickup

    Return End date Dec 15 2015 20:00 pm

    Location Denver - Airport Make and model

    Wild Card -We pick the car (Compact or larger) or similarVehicle class

    Exotic / special  

    $ 165.40
    Total price

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    Rental Car #2

    Your reservation reference is US340143820.  

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    Rental Car #3

    Bill will have a full size SUV

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    Payments & Costs

    Totals are not final

    Final payment for 4 nights stay & rental cars

    Bill gives Greg $160 

    Eddy gives Greg $225

    Aaron gives Greg $225

    Mara gives Greg $225

    Luc gives Greg $225


    Greg receives $1060

    Greg gives Brian $800

    House$1300 (Brian)$162.5$162.5$162.5$162.5$162.5$162.5$162.5$162.5
    Car(s)$495 (Greg)$62$62 $62$62$62$62$62
    Payments ? $160 $225$225$225$225
    Balance $0-$800$0$0$0$0$0$0
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    Summit County Bus

    There is a FREE bus that runs from Frisco to the ski areas. This gives a little flexibility with people that want to pussy out and stop skiing. Or the cool people that want to be there at first lift.

Mountain Info
Where we are staying
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    Condo Check-in and Check-out info

    Address: Peak One 103, 315 S. 2nd St, Frisco, CO 80443

    Directions: Coming from Denver International Airport (DIA), take I-70 West through Denver and into the mountains. Go all the way to the second Frisco exit, exit 201. Turn left onto Frisco Main Street and continue through 2 stops signs. Turn right on 2nd Street. Go two blocks to the Peak One complex on the right. You’ll see the blue “Peak One” sign. Turn right into the surface parking lot and park anywhere. You don’t need a parking pass to park here. Unit 103 is about the third unit in from the street.

    Unit Access: The lock box combination is: 2569. The lock box is to the left of the door and has a protective sliding cover that may be up or down. Move the cover down and enter the combination. Open the lock box, remove the key and unlock the door. Then put the key back in the lock box, and close the lock box. Once inside the condo, you’ll find more keys on the kitchen counter. There will also be a key hanging just inside the front door for the ski/storage closet that is outside. 


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    4 bedroom Condo 2 Blocks from Main Street in Frisco Co
    • 3 Queen Beds
    • 4 Bunk Beds
    • 1 Foldout couch
    • 3 full bathrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Hot tub
    • Wood burning fire place
    • Access to bus line & walking to main st
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    Frisco Main Street
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    Bedroom Arrangements

    Couples get first dibs on the queen beds, then we divy up what is left.

    Queen #2Eddy & Jacquie
    Queen #3Mara
    Bunk #1TBD
    Bunk #2TBD
    Bunk #3TBD
    Bunk #4TBD
    Sleeper SofaTBD
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    Things left to do
    • Get a final roster
    • Book a place to stay
    • Call around grocery stores and ski shops and find coupon books for Copper lift tickets
    • Reserve rental cars
    • Look into snowmobiles
Possible Snowmobiling
Where the weed spot
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Snow Gear
Pack by Greg Pries [16 lbs 12.64 oz]
2015/2016 Season Opener!
Pack by briandycus