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Account Settings
  • How do I change to metric by default?

    There is a global setting in your user preferences which will change your account to metric.

    Click your name on the top right of the screen to get to your preferences, then scroll down and you should see the Imperial / Metric weight preference.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Click on your name at the top right of the page. You'll see a "more" button (3 dots), click those and there is an option to delete your account.

    Or, you can just click here

  • How do I invite friends on my adventure?

    Under the "travelers" section, you'll see a (+) button. Press that

    You can then either type in their email address, or search to see if they're already a MileStepper user. You can then send out the invitation.

    Alternatively, you can set the adventure so that anyone can join, and you can just send them the link.

  • How do I let my friends edit my trip?

    Tap on their face under "Travelers" and then set them to be an "adventure editor".

    Editors can edit every aspect of the adventure.

  • What are "miles?"

    Miles are our version of points. For every adventure you create, you'll rack up miles that will be shown by your username.

    It's a fun way to log how much you travel.

  • What are the tags used for?

    Good question, we're still figuring that one out. They will eventually be used to group your trips (view by tag) or search for other people's trips.

    We decided to first add the tag ability, then figure out the best way to utilize them later. Feel free to tag your trips for now and we'll work on getting them more useful.

  • What is an "adventure?"

    A MileStepper "adventure" is a container that holds your trip plans.

    You can store all of your various lists, notes, and resources in your adventure. You can also invite friends and let them plan with you.

    When you're ready to head outdoors, you can export your trip to PDF to easily print it or read offline.

  • Why did my friend request an invitation even though I sent one?

    Sometimes, things don't always work out right with the email linking, and people end up not finding their invitation.

    When someone isn't allowed to view or join your adventure for whatever reason, they're presented with an option to request access.

    If you grant access, their account will be allowed to view and join the adventure.

Gear Closet
  • Can I import my existing spreadsheet?

    We support XLS, XLSX, and CSV imports and it is fairly customizable during the import.

    We also have full export support so you can backup your closet or use another tool at any time.

    If you have a spreadsheet that doesn't work, please send it to so we can support more formats.

  • I put my gear into MileStepper, now what?

    Now you can create pack lists. We realize that for every trip, you'll probably bring a completely different set of items depending on conditions such as weather and location.

    Click on each item that you'd like to be on your list, and you'll begin to see some stats tallying up.

    When you've finished your list, you can save it as a list, or assign it to a trip.

    The nice thing about assigning your pack to a trip is that you can always go back and see what you brought on previous adventures. Your fellow travelers can also see what you're bringing, it may help them with packing.

  • Why can a pack only be assigned to a single Adventure?

    A gear list can only be attached to a single trip. This may seem odd at first, but in order to show the trip info on your gear list page, it can only point to one.

    One of the MileStepper features we love is looking into the past to see exactly what gear we brought on a past adventure. If lists get multi-linked, that functionality gets muddied.

    You can easily copy a list to assign that to your next adventure.

  • How can I easily send an invitation to someone on facebook?

    Click "Invite a friend" on your adventure, then use the (f) button to share the link with whomever you like.

    Due to limitations with how facebook sends messages, we have no way to tell who you sent the invitation to, so they will not show up as invited. They will be able to see your trip and join, though.

Anything else?
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