New Map Tools & Invitations Frontend

Map Upgrades

Part of our change away from Google maps to the new Mapbox/Leaflet system was because some basic tools to draw on maps exist. We’ve integrated the Leaflet Draw system in our adventure maps, you can now draw basic shapes:


You can draw lines, polygons, circles, squares, and add placemarks. We have not figured out a way to add labels to these elements yet, though. If anyone is experience with Leaflet Draw and has any tips on that, we’d love to get that added.

Invitation Improvements

Always working on making things easier and better, we’re trying out a new front-end to trip invitations.


The people shown are all of the people you’ve ever had an adventure with. Select a few you know, or put in a new email address to send them a personalized invitation.

New to this page is the section titled “Invitation URL”

The Invitation URL is a link you can send to anyone, however you like. Anyone with that URL will be able to join your trip. This cuts down on some of the problems people have had using the emails we sent out. It also lets people pass around a link, and lets you post it semi-publicly if you wish.

Other stuff

As always, a lot of other small tweaks are always going into our constantly runningĀ changelog

Please let us know if you have any problems, or suggestions on how to make MileStepper great!

Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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