New Card Types, Menu Changes and More

When we initially started thinking about making MileStepper, we were looking for a tool that would let you combine many types of data on one page. For example, Google Sheets is great, but it becomes not great when you start to want images and rich media.

We had the idea to have small bits of info, “cards”, that could be of many different types. A photo, a checklist, an interactive map, anything. And everything can have a geographical tag. Picture a Polaroid photo with notes jotted on it, thumbtacked to a map. Or an index card with a list of things to do.

We’ve added 2 new feature types. Cards can now have fully interactive checklists, and basic interactive spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are one of the biggest things we’re lacking. Every planner needs spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet support is very, very beta. It’s not Google Sheets, but it serves it’s purpose of being a simple way to organize small tables of data.



And here’s a look at the new fully interactive checklists


We’ve also re-styled the card editor a bit and simplified it even more. Instead of a bunch of different inputs for types of data (URLs, locations, etc), we’ve unified most of that into a single smart input. You can even paste raw image data right from your clipboard.


Another things we’ve been working on, is the main menu. Previously, this was just a list of major functions on MileStepper. As we’ve worked with planning our own trips, it felt natural to split off the major sections and group them.

The menu now adjusts a bit better to have more context with what you’re doing. It’s also sporting some new colors. This is definitely a work in progress, you’ll see us adjusting it a bit since it is very new.


This gives us some much needed room to expand on the adventure editor, and really helps you see your trip at a glance.

Check out my ski trip for all of these features in action

We try to make these feature MileStepper changelog, updated daily

Feedback on these new changes? Please let us know, we always love hearing from our users.



Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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