Menu Updates Rolled Out

Nope, you’re not crazy. We rolled out a major UI update today including a completely redesigned main bar. This update makes better use of the browser space and is a much more design with the rest of MileStepper.

Lots of changes inside too, we’re making headway on the public API which will give us (and others) the ability to make Android and iOS apps in the future.

Our image processor and server has been updated to be several times faster, now employing better caching and resizing algorithms.

Included as aways are dozens of bug fixes. You report it, we’ll fix it within 24 hours.

Have a feature idea you’d love for us to have? Let us know at We’re a young service and very flexible, your idea may be introduced faster than you think.

Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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