Gear Closet Updates

Lots of updates to the gear closet section of MileStepper have been released today. We’ve done some background house cleaning and made a few visual changes in response to some great user feedback.

If you find any errors, please hang with us and let us know. We’ll get right on them. It is a big update, so we’re expecting some unexpected.

  •  The gear closet now runs in a dual-pane mode similar to other modern web apps. Scrolling of your gear (left pane) is now independent from the stats and modifiers (right pane).
  •  There’s a new quick menu for operations on selected gear (save as, select none, delete, etc). This was hidden in a cog menu before which was cumbersome to deal with.
  •  Thanks to hearing from you, we’ve added a “Recent Packs” panel to quickly pull up your last 5 modified packs. Users have brought up frustrations with the load/save pack system and we’re working to make it more intuitive.
  • A lot of background work has been done fixing the gear categories so they can now have individual settings. This is part of the groundwork needed for user-order sorting. Also it opens the door for a lot of other options we can add in the future (such as customized colors)


Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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