Free Stickers Fixed, Backend Work, Some Errors, and Moving Forward

As I was moving the blog/store, I noticed the “Free Stickers” had an incorrect shipping cost attached. They have been fixed to be completely free. Sorry!

**Note** — We’re low on sticker stock, so the remaining are $1 each 

As a full stack developer, I enjoy creating a slick server environment as much as working on javascript for the website itself. When working on the front-end graphics gets rough, I turn to the back end to relieve some stress and work on some good old computer problems: scalability issues that may only theoretically exist, shaving milliseconds off of load times, resource optimization, and deleting old code (best feeling in the world). I’ve been doing that for the past week or so. As a result, not only have there been some disruptions but also a bit of slack on the visual progress front.

When we started MileStepper, it was all hosted oldschool, all programs running on a physical server. Then, we moved to a single virtualized server, and then many virtualized servers as I learned to split components up. One instance just for serving up images, one just for the database, one for the app code. If push comes to shove, I can offload the image server to Digital Ocean, etc.

Finally this week, I’ve gotten around to utilizing Docker and have started to convert the MileStepper services to the new school, containers. The benefit of Docker is layered services, rapid prototyping, state-less unhackable app code and it is more resource friendly than ever. We can also squeeze all of MileStepper into an impressively small hosting environment if money becomes a squeeze.

There were some errors tossed up during this process, as always I apologize for that, but this is my playpen, it’s my own digital adventure as much as I love the outdoor adventures. Most all the critical bits are moved and there shouldn’t be too much more disruption. If I’ve broken anything critical, I’d always love to know (

In other news, we’re still moving forward with work on the Pantry

and I’d love to find some more beta testers. It’s still early, but I’m working on it as much as I can. Hit us up at and I’ll send you a link to enable early beta access.

We’ve got a roadmap planned and I’m sticking it to it the best I can. The big features:

  • Add basic Cost Sharing features to your Adventures, so you can split the bill
  • User Profile Pages, so you can share all your gear and adventures
  • Explore Adventures – An explore page (big map) with all public adventures posted, pan around and find something amazing to do
  • Groups – Create groups of friends and have them automatically invited adventures posted within the group.

Just wanted to drop an update since it’s been a bit. I appreciate all of your support, and always love feedback. Happy travels!

Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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