Daily Gear Deals Posted

We pull down a lot of info from our retailer partners on gear data. A lot of it we use for the gear closet database, but we also try to keep an eye on pricing information. Eventually we’ll have some better gear shopping tools, but for now we are posting an internal tool we use.

Every day, we check the daily deals which contains gear that has had its price adjusted today. We check the markdown percentage and look at what it is, and if it is worthwhile, we let people know.

Now you can take a look too. There’s a link on the main dashboard under the Gear Deals section. Or, click here: https://milestepper.com/deals

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More Metric & Locale Issues Fixed

A couple issues were brought to our attention with the Sun & Moon, and other issues with metric conversions (adventure distance for the most part).

As a result, if you have your account set to metric units, you may want to check your adventure distance’s (KM) and see if it is accurate. It may have changed, sorry about that! If you set it now, it should stick.

Please keep bringing issues to our attention with regional bugs, it’s the only way we can make this great for everyone. Thanks for your support.

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Timezone issue fixed

We fixed a pretty bad adventure date setting issue for anyone that is not in the eastern US. When we started this thing, it was just our local group putting up trips for each other. Now that the rest of the world is setting up trips, this issue was brought to our attention.

If you had issues with setting dates and having it show something a few hours off, it should be all fixed up now.

We send out a special thanks to everyone helping us out by reporting issues. Let us know, we’ll get it fixed!

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Image Uploading Problems?

We’ve been monitoring client side errors to make MileStepper .. less flaky .. and are seeing several on image uploads. The problem is that it is very hard for us to troubleshoot without having the source images.

If you encounter a failed upload, you can really help us out by attaching the file in an email to team@milestepper.com



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Gear Closet Updates

Lots of updates to the gear closet section of MileStepper have been released today. We’ve done some background house cleaning and made a few visual changes in response to some great user feedback.

If you find any errors, please hang with us and let us know. We’ll get right on them. It is a big update, so we’re expecting some unexpected.


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Brief downtime

We had a few hours of downtime today when a ramdisk filled up all available space. It took down some of the app server and the image server was also down (broken images).

It would have been caught sooner but we were out backpacking and the site runs auto-pilot when we’re in the woods. All is well now, sorry for the inconvenience!

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