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As spring adventure season starts kicking in to high gear, calendars are filling up fast. We wanted to make it a bit easier for you to avoid the dreaded double-booked weekend.


We’ve added an iCalendar format feed that easily integrates into every modern calendar you use.

How it works:
You paste your MileStepper Calendar Feed URL into your calendar of choice (Google Calendar in this example)

The calendar will refresh every 24 hours or so and download all of your events.

We don’t have any access to your calendar, so there’s no permissions or security concerns. It’s simply a feed you’re pulling down, very similar to RSS.

You can find your Calendar Feed by going into your user preferences, and scrolling down until you see the feed link.


Then just Add by URL in Google Calendar, or similar option for your calendar program of choice.


Voila, your MileStepper trips will forever be synced up to your personal calendar.


Greg Pries

Programmer and adventurer, MileStepper co-founder

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