A Bus, a Book, and Frustration (Part 1)

People have asked where the idea for MileStepper.com came from. The simple answer is it started on a bus, took root in a book and grew out of frustration.

Meeting by chance

Greg and I met shortly after the company I work for moved to Downtown Atlanta. I started riding the Cobb Community Transit bus route that Greg had been riding for several years. We started out taking about what books we were reading. When you have an hour to kill on a bus, you get a lot of reading done and are always looking for something good to read.

A common interest

One book in particular struck a nerve in me. Greg had finished reading and lent to me Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods.” This is a must read for all hikers, campers, and outdoor adventurers. A word of caution if you do plan to read it, do NOT read it in public. People look at you funny when you start snickering, giggling and laughing out loud for no apparent reason.


Bryson’s description of hiking the Appalachian Trail fascinated me and set my mind in motion. I wanted to hike the AT! I had recently started camping again when my son joined Cub Scouts. I was buying gear and trying things out to see what worked best and what could be used for car camping and future hiking. As our friendship grew, Greg and I discussed hiking, camping, and the AT. Greg decided to give hiking a try and found a new passion of his own.

After several camping trips each, our bus ride discussions turned to how to keep track of gear and keeping weight down. One topic kept coming up, the frustration of planning, packing and forgetting gear. We started looking at different web sites and programs, never finding a good solution. After several frustrating months, an idea hit home, “we could do better!”

A new Adventure

We had just finished working together on a project for Red Hare Brewery. Over a few celebratory beers we discussed what we would want in an outdoor adventure web site. The basic idea for the site was born.

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