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MileStepper is the product of two friends that love the outdoors.

"I don't want to make it, I want to use it"

We didn't set out to create MileStepper. The tool we needed just didn't exist.

Steve needed to plan his Cub Scout trips, and Greg needed to work out his backpacking trips with friends. We tried everything. Office suites just couldn't handle the way travel planning worked.

Group e-mail was a chaotic disaster. Spreadsheets were cumbersome; maps and images were difficult to incorporate. Manilla folders and paper was close, but lost the ease of sharing online. We wanted interactive gear packing lists, trail maps, task assignments, and tools that everyone could work with.

As we talked about it, we realized somebody had to make it. It would be a lot of work, years perhaps. It would be worth it though. It would be worth it just to use it ourselves. If it really worked, it could bring people to the outdoors like nobody has ever done before.

We're only beginning, and already MileStepper is working. It's helping people experience the outdoors.

Read more about our story at our blog: A Bus, a Book, and Frustration (Part 1)
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MileStepper, LLC is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia.